martes, 11 de marzo de 2008

Hi to everybody!

This is the first time that I write for my fans in english. I am really happy to see so many people from different nationalities are reading and writing in my blog; Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, English, Italian, Dutch, German, Romanian, French, Belgian, Croatian, Swiss, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Argentinian, Australian, Brazilian, Portuguese, Indonesian...!
Therefore I want to give you feed back whenever I can. These are the most important days of my life; everything has changed and I need the support of my new team, my family, my friends and, above all, my fans - You! When I look at my web site I feel like the most important person in the world and this is thanks to you!
Last weekend in Qatar we made the pole position; the best pole in my life because was the most difficult and against the best riders. This happened in the run up to my first GP, my debut in MotoGP where I finished in second position. I was a little nervous, but concentrated hard because I wanted to give you all a big surprise! And I did! I just want to tell you how good I feel and translate my happiness to you having read all your messages.

Thank you very much and I'll see you again soon on this website. I love you! Like one of mi fans, one for all, all for one!

PS: I wish that my first book could be published in all languages, but step by step! 'X Fuera, desde dentro' is releases on 25th March, just in Spanish. I'll talk about in the future!!!!

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petra_r1 dijo...

haha.. One for all, all for one.. yes yes.. i very glad that u write really did it..
you should
write more on english...than we can understand..hehe
jei.. i'm so happy now..hehe

David dijo...

This is a good idea. If you talk in English you'll can receive all your fans feel about you over the world...

Well done, Jorge!

Salutacions desde Barna

Asier dijo...

Yeap, good idea. You're becoming globally famous Jorge! Keep cool anyway; a very very long year is waiting ahead. Step by step.

Agurrak from Basque Country

Anónimo dijo...

wola Jorge!!
k buena idea eso d eskribir n inglés así to2 t entenderan jeje!!
eso k has dixo d one for all, all for one m ha recordado la obra d teatro k hago este años los 3 mosketeros y wenu soy prota jeje!!
ya e visto la dirección para eskribirte las kartas así k t eskribiré jeje!


Anónimo dijo...

jaja, mas o menos me enterado...qbien me he sentido!!! pero lo siento mucho, yo escribir en ingles, como que ya va a ser demasiado...yo leerlo aun, pero sacando cosas por contexto!!!

weno que tu eres el mejor!! sigue asi jorge!!! qilusion lo de la direccion para las caras...jaja



Qalamana dijo...

¡¡¡Menudo carrerón el domingo!!! Uff,todavía siento la emoción... estuviste fantástico!!!

El 30 es mi cumple, espero verte en el podium jerezano: sería un regalo estupendo ;D


xg dijo...


haaaa....english..a big superize...

ur writing english's very fluent.but >_< spoken english....

fernanda dijo...

grandisimo Jorge!!!

its great to have you writing in english here too, i'm sure your many fans from around the world will love it.

un besazo desde Brasil y mucha suerte!

DaNi dijo...


Acabo de leerte en AS,y te reconocí al instante,continua con esa frecuencia y actitud mental,vas a materializarlo,lo sé...

Un abrazo

糖精泡泡糖 dijo...

Happy to see you write in english!





maybe next time i'll also write an english blog

xg dijo...


Anyway! we want ur "first book",bring two to shanghai....
Relax!We'll pay the money..


xg dijo...

your english now is much better than the time in malaysia



糖精泡泡糖 dijo...

Si,you also said that it'll be sold only in spain.


if you decide to bring your "first book"to shanghai,don't sign your name on them

糖精泡泡糖 dijo...

…suprised to our demands?haha…郁闷吧你?就是这个效果,是不是又要上演你的小剧本了?


xg dijo...


hear u have begun to eat rice~~~~

It's our chinese special local product~~~

We'll guide u to eat some delicious~~~

糖精泡泡糖 dijo...



The day after tomorrow,i'll come back here again

Gali dijo...

Felicidades Jorge, estoy encantado con verte haciendo ese gran papel.

Por cierto, no entiendo lo que dices en ingles y estoy seguro que mucha otra gente tampoco.

Un abrazo de Cardalda

Anónimo dijo...

Thankyou for writing in english !
Congratulations on a great first race in Moto GP !
I love you !!

Kate dijo...

Thank you so much for writing in english!! It is much easier to read like that then to use "google translater", which comes out pretty horrible haha :)
You're amazing!
-Kate (Miami, USA)

糖精泡泡糖 dijo...


when i'm not busy as these days,maybe i'll translate our chinese comments……

mari carmen dijo...

hola jorge!!pues sip muy buena idea lo de escribir en ingles!!aunk puedo decir que has dixho cosas mas bonitas en ingles que en español...:@ :P pero vamos...dejemoslo pasar!espero verte en jerez prontio bxts!!

Mónica dijo...

Well Done Jorge ;D
If you write in english, more people can read and understand ;D

Good Luck ;D

One for all, all for one (L)

xg dijo...


not the first but the last

Raquel dijo...

First of all, congratulations for your fantastic first Moto GP pole position, your brilliant first Moto GP race AND your amazing and unbelievable first Moto GP second place and podium.'s all good things and everything in your fisrt Grand Prix!! Can you believe it? I only believe it because it's you.

Keep the good work you've doing. All your fans (including me!) will always be here to support you. =)

cruda9348 dijo...

congratulation for your post,at last i can understand something...and i totally agree with you when you say you hope that your book will be pubblished in all languages because i really want to read it but i can't find it
good luck

j dijo...

Hola Jorge,

My fiance and I saw you at MotoGP Laguna Seca in 2008, we are big fans of yours. We hope you can win your first MotoGP Championship this year.

Good luck for the rest of the season!

Fate Inc.